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OAuth 2.0 is used for adding additional identities to an existing user account, to remove an identity you use the removeUserIdentity method in the [API/Cloud Core Protocol|Cloud Core Protocol]. Identity typically means an e-mail address but it can also be other type of identities in the future.

Adding an identity from a controller perspective

Controller requests a temporary user code

The controller uses the createUserCode method in [Cloud Core Protocol] to request a temporary user code which can be used to add identities to an existing ickStream user account. The user code is only valid during a short time, typically 10 minutes, and its only purpose is to represent the user account during this time.

Controller opens a web view

The controller creates a URL using the format:


Where the meaning of the parameters are:

  • USER_CODE - The id of the user code returned from the *createUserCode* method in [Cloud Core Protocol]
  • REDIRECT_URI - The uri which the controller later will catch when the web view redirects to it after the process are finished
  • *API_KEY* \- The API key which has been assigned to the controller application

For example, the url could look like this:


As an alternative, the controller can also use the Cloud Core Authentication Protocol to get a list of available authentication providers and pick the addIdentityUrl attribute from the one it wants to use and open a web view using this URL instead of the one mentioned above. Typically this is only used by controllers which needs to integrate the selection of authentication providers on a bigger web page, the preferred solution is to use the above mentioned server provided selection dialog. When using a controller specific dialog, the URL to add an identity using a specific authentication provider can for example look like this:


Web view redirected when finished

When the authentication process with the external provider in the web view is finished the web view will be redirected to the specified redirect_uri with parameters as described below.

If operation succeeded and the identity has been added to the user

  •  ?status=success
    • The redirect would with the above example be:
      • mycontrollerapp://add_identity_callback?status=success

If operation failed and the identity was not added to the user

  •  ?error=access_denied
    • If the user wasn't able to authenticate with the authentication provider used for adding the identity
    • The redirect would with the above example be:
      • mycontrollerapp://add_identity_callback?error=access_denied
  •  ?error=identity_already_used
    • If the identity already was bound to another existing account
    • The redirect would with the above example be:
      • mycontrollerapp://add_identity_callback?error=identity_already_used
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