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OAuth 2.0 is used for adding services to an existing user account, to remove service you use the removeService method in the Cloud Core Protocol.

Adding a service from a controller perspective

Controller shows available services

The controller uses the findAllServices method in Cloud Core Protocol to show all available services which aren't currently bound to the user account of the current user.

The controller picks up the addServiceUrl value from the service it wants to add.

Controller requests a temporary user code

The controller uses the createUserCode method in Cloud Core Protocol to request a temporary user code which can be used to add services to an existing ickStream user account. The user code is only valid during a short time, typically 10 minutes, and its only purpose is to represent the user account during this time.

Controller opens a web view

The controller creates a URL using the format:


Where the meaning of the parameters are:

  • ADDSERVICEURL - The addServiceUrl of a service returned from findAllServices method in Cloud Core Protocol
  • USER_CODE - The id of the user code returned from the createUserCode method in Cloud Core Protocol
  • REDIRECT_URI - The uri which the controller later will catch when the web view redirects to it after the process are finished
  • API_KEY - The API key which has been assigned to the controller application

For example, the url could look like this:


Web view redirected when finished

When the authentication process with the external provider in the web view is finished the web view will be redirected to the specified redirect_uri with parameters as described below.

If operation succeeded and the service has been added to the user

  •  ?status=success
    • The redirect would with the above example be:
      • mycontrollerapp://add_service_callback?status=success

If operation failed and the service was not added to the user

  •  ?error=access_denied
    • If the user wasn't able to authenticate with the authentication provided by the service to be added
    • The redirect would with the above example be:
      • mycontrollerapp://add_service_callback?error=access_denied
  •  ?error=identity_already_used
    • If the identity already was bound to another existing account
    • The redirect would with the above example be:
      • mycontrollerapp://add_service_callback?error=identity_already_used
  •  ?error=unauthorized_client
    • If the API_KEY or REDIRECT_URI specified wasn't valid
    • The redirect would with the above example be:
      • mycontrollerapp://add_service_callback?error=unauthorized_client
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