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Get information of a track in the cloud library. The intention with this method is to make it possible to easily show current rating, tags, loved/banned status in a now playing screen displaying currently playing track. You don't want to call this method for a long list of tracks as it will result in too many round-trips and likely poor performance.


    "jsonrpc": 2.0,
    "id": < A unique number used to correlate requests with responses, see JSON-RPC specification for more information >,
    "method": "getTrack",
    "params": {
        "trackId": <the track identity if the track to retrieve information about>,


    "jsonrpc": 2.0,
    "id": < The request identity >,
    "result": {
        "lastChanged": <the time when the track was modified last>,
        "loved": <true if the track is loved>
        "banned": <true if the track is banned>
        "rating": <Optional, an integer between 1-100 that represents the rating of the track>
        "tags": [ <An array of strings representing the tags which are attached to the track>
        "track": {
                "id": < Globally unique track identity, for example soundcloud:track:somenicetrack >,
    		"type": < Type of item, one of [track|stream] >,
                "text": < Text representation of this track >,
                "sortText": < Optional, if specified it represents the appropriate sorting order >,
                "image": < Optional, URL to an image which represent this item >
                "streamingRefs": [
                                "format": <format of stream, for example "mp3" >,
                                "url": Url of this streaming reference >
                "itemAttributes": {
                        < Model attibute identity >: < Model attribute value >

Specific information:

  • result is not provided unless the track exists in the cloud library
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