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Move the specified tracks from their current position to a new position in the playback queue


    "jsonrpc": 2.0,
    "id": < A unique number used to correlate requests with responses, see JSON-RPC specification for more information >,
    "method": "moveTracks",
    "params": {
        "playbackQueuePos": <Optional, playback queue position to move tracks before >
        "items": [
                "id": < Globally unique track identity, for example soundcloud:track:somenicetrack >,
                "playbackQueuePos": < The old playback queue position of this track >,

Specific Information

  • If new playbackQueuePos on top level is not defined, the tracks are moved to the end of the playback queue
  • The playbackQueuePos is specified based on the playback queue order before the operation. So when moving tracks towards the end of the playback queue, the insertion positions will be higher than the position number the track ends up in the final playback queue after removing the original tracks. What this essentially means is that both player and controller have to process the positions as if the moving tracks were still part of the playback queue and then remove them in a second step to consolidate the playback queue and generate a new set of positions.
  • If playback queue mode, set with setPlaybackQueueMode, is either QUEUE_SHUFFLE or QUEUE_REPEAT_SHUFFLE only the current playback queue is modified while the originally ordered playlist queue is left unchanged.


    "jsonrpc": 2.0,
    "id": < The request identity >,
    "result": {
        "result": <true if tracks were successfully removed >
    	"playbackQueuePos": < Position of currently playing track within the playback queue >
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