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This can be things like:

  • Tracks have been added, removed, replaced or moved within the playback queue
    • This is normally due to a request from a controller but will also happen if a smart/dynamic playlist is used to dynamically fill the playback queue with tracks
  • Metadata of a track has been updated
    • This can happen either by a call to setTrackMetadata by a controller or by the player itself if new metadata is provided in the audio stream currently playing.


    "jsonrpc": 2.0,
    "method": "playbackQueueChanged",
    "params": {
    	"playlistId": < Globally unique identity of the playlist which have been used to fill the playback queue >,
    	"playlistName" <Textual name for the playlist which have been used to fill the playback queue >,
        "lastChanged": <timestamp when the playback queue was last changed >
    	"countAll": < Total number of items currently in the playback queue >

Specific information:

  • If the playback queue changes but the the changes doesn't affect currently playing track, only playbackQueueChanged will be generated, if the change also affect currently playing track both playbackQueueChanged and playerStatusChanged will be generated.
  • The lastChanged attribute is updated if anything in the playback queue has been updated since the last playbackQueueChanged notification or last getPlaybackQueue query.
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