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This can be things like:

  • Tracks have been added, removed, replaced or moved within the playback queue which caused currently playing track to change
    • This is normally due to a request from a controller but it can also happen when a dynamic playlist is played, see setDynamicPlaybackQueueParameters for more information about dynamic playlists.
  • Current track position has been changed
    • This can either happen due to a request from a controller or because the end of the previous track has played to the end
  • Metadata of current track has been updated
    • This can happen either by a call to setTrackMetadata by a controller or by the player itself if new metadata is provided in the audio stream currently playing.
  • Playback is started or paused
  • Volume is changed or muted/unmuted
  • Player is registered or unregistered with Cloud Core service


    "jsonrpc": 2.0,
    "method": "playerStatusChanged",
    "params": {
        "playing": <true for playing, false for pause >,
    	"seekPos": < Position within the track >
    	"playbackQueuePos": < Position within the playback queue >
    	"volumeLevel": < Current volume level of player >
    	"muted": < true if player is muted, else false >
        "playbackQueueMode": < The current playback queue mode of the player >
        "userId": <The ickStream user identity which the device belongs to, not defined if the device is not registered yet>
        "lastChanged": <timestamp when the player state was last changed >
    	"track" :{
    		"id": < Globally unique track identity, for example soundcloud:track:somenicetrack >,
                "type": < Type of item, one of [track|stream] >,
    		"text": < Text representation of this track >,
		"sortText": < Optional, if specified it represents the appropriate sorting order >,
    		"image": < Optional, URL to an image which represent this item >
    		"streamingRefs": [
    				"format": <format of stream, for example "mp3" >,
				"intermediate": <Optional, true if pointed to a redirected stream >,
				"sampleRate": <Optional, sample rate, for example 44100 >,
				"sampleSize": <Optional, sample size, for example 16 >,
				"channels": <Optional, number of channels, for example 2 >,
				"streamFormatInformation": <Optional, additional format information about the
				                            stream, for example aac container type >
    				"url": Url of this streaming reference >
    		"itemAttributes": {
    			< Model attibute identity >: < Model attribute value >

Specific information:

  • The userId attribute indicates that the player is registered and which ickStream account it belongs to
  • For more details about the itemAttributes structure see the Content Access Protocol
  • For more details about individual parameters in beneath the track structure see Content Access Protocol findItems method.
  • This notification looks the same as the answer from the getPlayerStatus method but without the id attribute at the top of the JSON-RPC message to indicate that it's a notification and not request
  • If the playback queue changes but the changes doesn't affect currently playing track no playerStatusChanged notification will be generated, the playerStatusChanged notification is only generated if currently playing tracks is affected by the changes in the playback queue.
  • The lastChanged attribute is updated if anything except for *seekPos* has been updated since the last playerStatusChanged notification or last getPlayerStatus query.
  • When volume is changed or muted, the playerStatusChanged notification will be sent but it might be delayed a bit to avoid sending out a lot of unnecessary notifications.
  • For valid playbackQueueMode attribute values see setPlaybackQueueMode method.
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