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Adjust the current playback volume of the player Can be provided either as a specific value level or as a +/- delta which indicates how much to increase/decrease the volume from its current level Also used to mute/unmute a player


    "jsonrpc": 2.0,
    "id": < A unique number used to correlate requests with responses, see JSON-RPC specification for more information >,
    "method": "setVolume",
    "params": {
    	"volumeLevel": < Optional, absolute volume level, a float between 0 to 1 >
    	"relativeVolumeLevel" <Optional, relative volume level, a float between 0 to 1 >
    	"muted": <Optional, true indicates that the device should be muted, false that it should be unmuted >

Specific information:

  • Either volumeLevel or relativeVolumeLevel or muted needs to be specified
  • Specifying 0.1 in relativeVolumeLevel means that the volume level will be increased with 10%, specifying -0.1 means it will be decreased with 10%
  • If a controller wants to change volume and unmute in a single command it specifies one of of the volume level attributes and also set *muted* attribute to true


    "jsonrpc": 2.0,
    "id": < The request identity >,
    "result": {
    	"volumeLevel": < Current volume level after the change >
    	"muted": < true means that the player is currently muted, false means that it's not muted >
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