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Shuffle all tracks in the playback queue and put the currently playing track as the first track. Playback will not be disrupted when this method is called.


    "jsonrpc": 2.0,
    "id": < A unique number used to correlate requests with responses, see JSON-RPC specification for more information >,
    "method": "shuffleTracks",
    "params": {

Specific information:

  • The playback queue mode will not be affected by this method, to change the playback queue mode use the setPlaybackQueueMode method.
  • If playback queue mode is QUEUE_SHUFFLE or QUEUE_REPEAT_SHUFFLE, only the current playback queue should be shuffled.
  • If playback queue mode is something else than QUEUE_SHUFFLE and QUEUE_REPEAT_SHUFFLE, both the current playback queue and the originally ordered playback queue should be shuffled the same way.


    "jsonrpc": 2.0,
    "id": < The request identity >,
    "result": {
        "result": <true if tracks were successfully shuffled >
    	"playbackQueuePos": < Position of the currently playing track within the playback queue >
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