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This is the installation instructions to install ickStream Open Beta for Squeezebox.

If you have any issues or trouble to install, please contact us via our discussion forum and its Squeezebox Open beta section.


To use the ickStream Open Beta for Squeezebox you will need to install LMS (Logitech Media Server) of version 7.7.0 or later.

LMS installation packages can be found here:

Please note that the Open Beta for Squeezebox is allowed to be used for personal use with Squeezebox hardware devices, a Squeezebox-compatible smartphone player App or on general-purpose PCs or do-it-yourself devices. It does explicitly NOT grant you the right to use ickStream on any other commercial media player hardware. If you have a commercial device contact the vendors of such hardware so they can contact us for a commercial license.

Installing ickStream plugin

To be able to install the ickStream plugin for LMS you first need to setup our plugin repository.

Open the LMS web interface ( if installed on your local computer, or replace with the ip of the computer it is installed on. If installed on a NAS it may also be reachable on port 9001 or 9002) and the LMS Settings/Plugins section and at the bottom of the page specify (copy/paste) one of the repository urls listed below depending on which platform you run LMS on

General purpose PC's running Windows

General purpose PC's running Linux

Apple MacOSX based computer

do-it-yourself device based on older ARM CPU (for example SheevaPlug)

do-it-yourself device based on newer ARM CPU (for example Raspberry Pi or Wandboard)


After setting up the plugin repository and saving the settings you will find a ickStream (Development versions) section at the bottom of the Plugins tab which contains the ickStream plugin. Just check the checkbox beside it and click apply to save the settings and start the installation.

Confirming Terms of Use agreement

After the ickStream plugin has been installed you will need to goto LMS Settings/Advanced/ickStream and confirm the terms of use agreement for the Squeezebox players which are connected to your LMS server.

Login/Register account on ickStream Music Platform

To login/register to ickStream Music Platform you have to goto LMS Settings/Advanced/ickStream and select the Login to ickStream Music Platform link. You will be able to login using your Google, Facebook account, one of your streaming service accounts or by using the ickStream Cloud login mechanism which will let you register on ickStream using an e-mail and password of your choice. Please make sure to use the same authentication service once you have chosen one, else you will create multiple accounts and players may not be registered to the intended account.




If you use the TIDAL login button you will have to make sure there is an e-mail address registered in your TIDAL account. TIDAL users without an e-mail adress in their TIDAL account won't be able to login using TIDAL login button and either need to add an e-mail to their TIDAL account or need to use one of the other login methods and add TIDAL service to their account as described in next section. This primarily affects WiMP users who use their old WiMP account to login to TIDAL.

Adding services to your ickStream Music Platform account

After you have registered on ickStream Music Platform you will need to add some services to your account, this is done through our account management application which you can reach from the links in LMS Settings/Advanced/ickStream or by going directly to with your web browser.

Login and select the Services section and add the services you want to use.



Currently you might have to restart LMS for the new services to automatically appear in the My Apps menu on your Squeezebox.

Have fun and share feedback

You have now setup your Squeezebox to use ickStream Music Platform and will be able to reach the ickStream provided content through My Apps/ickStream menu on your Squeezebox.



We appreciate any feedback, both positive and negative, so we want to encourage you to let us know what you think about ickStream Music Platform and if you would like to see some changes. The easiest way to provide us with feedback is to use our discussion forum and its Squeezebox Open beta section.

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