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Get information about the service


 	"jsonrpc": 2.0,
 	"id": < A unique number used to correlate requests with responses, see JSON-RPC specification for more information >,
 	"method": "getServiceInformation",
 	"params": {


 	"jsonrpc": 2.0,
 	"id": < The request identity >,
 	"result": {
 		"id": <The globally unique identity of the service>,
 		"name": <The user friendly name of the service>,
 		"type": <The type of service>,
 		"mainCategory": <Optional, the main category which this service belongs to >
 		"url": <Optional, the request url, only defined for services that use HTTP, 
                        if not defined the assumption is that P2P protocol is used to communicate with service>
 		"serviceUrl": <Base url which should be used for resolving service: URIs, 
                               this is only defined if the service support service: URIs>
 		"images": [ <Optional, array of images/logos available that should be used to represent this service>
 				"url": <URL to the image>
 				"serviceUrl": <Main url/prefix to use when accessing "service://" URIs provided by this service>
 				"type": <Type of image>
 				"width": <Width of image>
 				"height": <Height of image>

Specific information:

  • type: The following service types exists
  • mainCategory The following categories exists
    • radio: Internet radio online streaming service
    • musicondemand: Music on demand online streaming service
    • localmusic: Local music available on the local network or device
  • serviceUrl: Contains the value which "service://" should be converted to when the service expose "service://" URI's when returning references to content, can be references to images and/or streamingRefs urls
  • images
    • It's up to each service to decide which one to provide, but it's recommended that one image of each type is provided to make it possible for controllers to achieve a consistent presentation and layout.
    • type The following image types are available
      • icon_bw - A monochrome square icon with alpha channel as typically used by iOS and Android
      • icon_rgb - An square icon that uses full color display and may not have a transparent background
      • ribbon - A ribbon icon that can be used as an overlay on a content item from the service to indicate which service it comes from
      • image - A large image, can have any rectangular shape and orientation
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